Barry Trimble

Barry Trimble - Award-Winning Sales Executive

A Dellwood, Minnesota-based sales executive with nearly three decades of experience, Barry Trimble is a senior account executive with Drekar Media. He has served in this capacity since 2010 and is responsible for creating unique advertisements for clients ranging from startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Barry Trimble has worked with clients to create commercials, social media videos, corporate videos, and static graphics.

Prior to joining Drekar Media, Barry Trimble spent 8 years as a principal strategist at Sales Transformation Strategies Corporation. He also spent 5 years as CEO at Arthur Group RPO Consulting, where he developed and executed sales strategies for teams of three to 25 sales personnel. His teams achieved a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 22% from 2004 to 2009.

Mr. Trimble also worked at Princeton Education Strategies and began his career as an agent with Central States of Omaha, where he garnered vital sales skills and was a five-time representative of the year. He enjoys horse shows in his leisure time and is a recipient of the State Fair Grandstand Blue Ribbon.

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Barry Trimble
Dellwood, MN US